Why Choose Us?

We are the market leaders in South East Asia. Our solutions have proven to be effective and are constantly being improved to keep up with changes in the industry. The FRA™ system is user friendly and is able to display data in an informational manner for simple understanding and reporting. Users will also have the ability to request for changes to the system should the need arise.

FRA™ FinTech Platform

FRA™ FinTech platform has allowed the successful development and implementation of different financial modules with effective risk based approach. It helps managing end to end risk to ensure agility and efficiency of a business performance. FRA™ currently covers Risk Management, Client Due Diligent, Anti-Money Laundering, Market Surveillance, Control Room and Connected Party

Market Misconduct Surveillance

Our system answer to a comprehensive list of risk management and market misconduct requirements. We have an extensive list of market misconduct alert govern by threshold matrix to allow user calibration. At the same time, identified breaches are supported by both data and graphical dashboard

Risk Management

Credit risk management in a stockbroking business includes the tracking of recovery rates, loss given default and probability of default. This is a demanding exercise where years of historical data is needed to reveal the correct rate that will lead to stable performance. The end result of the exercise is then channeled back as input into risk and credit control policies


About Us

Capital Market Risk Advisor Sdn Bhd (CMRA) is a Malaysia MDeC MSC Pioneer Status company incorporated in 2013 specializing in the development of financial solutions in capital market systems for investment banks and the securities Industry.

We house our own development and project teams for the development and implementation of FRA™ written with full functionality from the ground up. We have a team of professionals with an average of 20 years of experience in the industry and a proven track record of positive reputation in the development of proven and scalable solutions across the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate financial institutions with a cost effective and robust FinTech platform for simple daily monitoring and reporting while offering the ability for continuous enhancements in the ever-changing environment of the industry.

Our Product

Financial Risk Advisor (FRA™)

FRA™  Market Surveillance module

Accurate detection of stock market misconduct with fully revamped framework at your fingertips to provide timely alerts and a summary screen for rapid and simple daily case management.

FRA™  Anti-Money Laundering module

Meticulous monitoring of transactions with timely alerts for potential money laundering activities within daily and historical transaction data for seamless filtering and reporting of events.

FRA™  Equity & Derivatives Risk Management module

Gain Access to a sophisticated risk monitoring system which ensures the real time tracking of exposures based on the total securities held by the firm, giving firms the ability to limit high exposure securities and take control of risks from the volatile stock market.

FRA™  Client Due Diligent module

Provides firms with the ability to perform background checks on new clients during onboarding and ongoing assessments for existing clients to empower the decision-making process of accepting applications and be updated on status changes for existing clients in the future.

FRA™  Connected Party

Provides firms with the ability for staff registration and declaration of information for connected parties to allow simple monitoring by credit granting authorities.

FRA™  Mobile Access module

Designed for users who find themselves away from the office, this module allows users to view data on the go through tablet or PC. Equipped with a visually appealing and user-friendly dashboard while having the ability for configuration tailored for specific requirements.

FRA™  Global Control Room module

Eliminates the fear of employees using insider information to perform trades through a request and approval system where employees request to trade certain securities can be screened before the trade can be carried out. This module has been successfully implemented in banks with a global presence.